Fowey Rivers Association

Current Projects

Summary of proposals discussed between Giles Rickard (WRT) and Roger Furniss (FRA), 13 March 2014 and updated 10 September 2014. Once agreed it will be converted into a plan to replace the 2013 plan. It is informed by four years of juvenile fish surveys, walkover surveys, observations and local knowledge, and based on the ‘Attack/Repair/Defend’ approach. Where possible resource needs are identified, subject to pricing and availability of funds/staff/volunteers
Items in red are either partly or wholly completed.
Walkover surveys GR Golitha, Treverbyn to Bodithiel, Newbridge to Respryn, Trenant, Upper Warleggan, Cabilla Stream.  2014 WRT funded WRT Reports identifying problems and actions. To be presented to Jan 2015 FRA 
Juvenile ef survey GR 30 WRT and 11 EA sites 2013 £4,200 FRA WRT Report identifying status to be delivered Dec 2014
Draynes - Defend Gravel Cleaning  RW/CJ Upper Draynes. Removal of excessive plant growth.  2014 FRA volunteers Maintenance of improved spawning areas
Upstream Thinking  SWW u/s A30 - liaise with farmers at Blackaddon/Codda  2014 SWW funded - PR14 Practices/compliance with HLS. Possible MIRES type activity to retain water and reduce erosion
Draynes - Repair Reduce sedimentation WRT Trial instream structures to change flows by narrowing channels     Reduce sedimetation. Increase spawning. 
Draynes - Defend Hemlock removal FRA Hemlock removal - Great Draynes Farm 2014 FRA volunteers Prevent channel blockage
Trenant Stream - Attack Park/Stannon group Plan instream structures to improve flow. Possible gravel introduction 2014 Park/Stannon fund Improve spawning
Warleggan - Attack FRA WRT Walkover, coppicing, possible gravel introduction 2014 FRA ? Improve fish populations
Cabilla Stream - Attack Walkover    2015    
Cardinham - Defend Ladyvale Bridge Fishtek engaged by WRT 2014 FRA £5k WRT external sources Low water fish pass
Cardinham - Defend Forestry practices Engage Forestry management 2014 FRA (RW?) Reduce pollution / sedimentation / trash dams
Cardinham - Defend Walkover Monitor potential and actual pollution 2014 FRA WRT Reduce pollution 
Cardinham - Defend Riverfly monitoring Monitor stream biota 2014 FRA Improve habitat
Doublebois weir Check  SNIFFER assessment to check passability 2014 WRT   ? Need for low cost fish pass